Demining & UXO Clearance

This department of our company is responsible for the de-mining and clearance of UXO material that is common in post war Iraq.

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Oil & Gas

For the Oil and Gas, we have supported these in such areas as security, logistical support, base camp construction, life support, etc. for international oil companies working in these fields.

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Real Estate

Dar Al Sarmad Co. has practiced its Business since 2006 in the field of sale, possession and procurement of residential and commercial real estates, agricultural lands & hotels, and renovating lands that were neglected by transferring it into residential and commercial areas

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Sea Transportation

We have our own sea transportation available for shipment of all goods and services from the ports of Dubai to Basrah, Iraq.

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General Trading

Dar Al Sarmad practiced its business in the domestic and foreign general trade including importation from outside Iraq and exportation some goods to the adjacent countries and all round governorates of Iraq.

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