Our Capabilities

With a core staff, and more than 10,000 craft workers, we has experienced personnel available to handle any size job. Our organization has one of the highest percentages of graduate and registered engineers in the construction industry in Iraqi business.

Most of our top managers are graduate engineers who have been with us an average of 11 years. Our main approach is dividing this project in several sectors. Construction will start simultaneously on all sectors. All sectors will be under direct supervision of the main management office lead by the project manager.

  1. Supply different quantities and qualities of heavy and lightly equipment.
  2. Provide all petroleum products required for equipment such as fuel, benzene, oil etc.
  3. Oil & Gas Field support services:
    Oil & Gas Pipeline installation, maintenance and repair.
    Welding services on site and on call.
    Life Support for remote locations Logistic services Oil fields & wells services Gas stations services Oil refineries services All kinds of services for oil & gas operations.
  4. Design, build and install a variety of force protection devices including T-Walls, Jersey barriers etc based on clients security requirements.
  5. Provide electrical power generation from small unit generators to large megawatt power plants
  6. Complete- on site deployment of concrete batch plant(s) with associated delivery trucks to facilitate faster installation of products.
  7. Supply mineral water and tissue of different types.
  8. Unexploded Ordinance (UXO) clearance.
  9. Supply materials with different.
  10. Full Service Shipping Transport via company owned sea vessels.
  11. Civil Engineering works available include :
    Road design and construction Design Build capability from small base camps to large Military base construction.
    Bridge design and construction
    Surveying/Land Plotting/Drafting
    Engineered drawings and Designs
    Water distribution system design and construction
    Power distribution design and construction
    Sewage treatment design and construction.
  12. Force/Asset Protection- Trained and seasoned security guards for available to protect work sites, personnel and equipment.
  13. Professional Engineering consulting services
  14. logistic services.
  15. steel stricter work.
  16. welded work
  17. pipe line work.
  18. mechanical work.
  19. life support

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