Company overview

DAR ALSARMAD Company is one of the leading companies in construction sector and water and oil. It contributed effectively in the reconstruction of Iraq after 2003 and being located in one of the cities with the most importance in the business sense, which is the city of Basra, the company was able to harness all the geographical factors of the city and make all efforts to develop civilian life for the people of Basra.

Its relations with the broad with the social and economic has enhanced confidence in this company by these parties and the fact that cadres of the company are holders of advanced degrees, and cadres of youth, they have proved their skill and abilities in the field of management and technical art, where is this company’s trademark in the reconstruction of Iraq.

A few years after its establishment, it became a land mark in Basra and one of the most important contributors in the development and prosperity of Basra’s Infrastructures.

Our Business

The huge projects implemented by the company shows clearly how it raised quickly in the world of business. The company has completed projects with high budgets and great quality. We have contracts and deals with the Iraqi Government departments , Governorate of Basra and many international organizations like UNDP, UNCF and Amar. most of the contracts and projects of Dar Al Sarmad are with oil and gas companies like SOC, Shell petroleum, Shell gas, Lukoil, ENI, Exxon Mobil, Kuwait Energy, Petrofac, etc. All our clients -companies and organizations that we have worked with- were totally pleased with our work and how we were able to complete the projects according to the plans that were given by the client. We strongly care about our company reputation.

Our Expertise

Oil & Gas

For the Oil and Gas, we have supported these in such areas as security, logistical support, base camp construction, life support, etc. for international oil companies working in these fields.

Demining & UXO Clearance

This department of our company is responsible for the demining and clearance of UXO material that is common in post war Iraq.

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