Quality Control & Compliance Plan

Quality control is responsible for quality verification during fabrication and construction

Quality Control Manager

Quality control is responsible for quality verification during fabrication and construction. This includes physical inspection of field work performed.

The quality control manger reports directly to the project manager


Quality control shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Perform construction site quality verification inspection.
  2. Prepare construction site quality documentation and maintenance of QC records.
  3. Perform inspections and fabricate quality programs.
  4. Control of measuring and testing equipment program.
  5. Technical direction of the work of testing laboratories and inspection and nondestructive examination facilities.
  6. Administer the nonconforming material control systems.
  7. Initiate stop work orders when necessary.
  8. Identify quality problems, initiate corrective actions, recommended solutions, coordinate and take lead where appropriate.

Concrete Works

The quality control manager will verify that

  1. Sampling and testing of concrete materials before construction and at established intervals during
  2. Use of proven materials and material test reports.
  3. Approval of concrete mixtures.
  4. Inspection of batch plant storage, production facilities, and delivery trucks before construction.
  5. Random inspection of batching operation during construction.
  6. Inspection of concrete activities (including curing), special attention to mass concrete and at hot
  7. Sampling and testing of concrete in the field at established intervals by qualified test laboratory.
  8. Performing concrete tests such as cub tests and cylinder tests for each concrete pour on site.

Quality Assurance Manager

Quality Assurance manager (QA) is responsible for assuring that the specified quality has been achieved.

Construction installation (including field fabrication and repair) and testing activities will be inspected to assure conformance with the standards mentioned in SOW.

The QA will review the work schedule for those activities requiring inspection and tests, and then identifies the inspection and test criteria, including the applicable codes and standards.


Below some of the items usually considered for preplanning

  1. Approved procedures, drawings and instructions are available for inspections and tests as work is being performed.
  2. Qualified personnel are available as required.
  3. Equipment and tools are properly calibrated and correctly employed.
  4. Inspections and test are performed in the proper sequence.
  5. Proper approvals for repairs and rework activities are obtained.


Inspections and tests are implemented by qualified personnel independent of construction. Daily inspections will be performed using the established
inspection criteria, approved documents, drawings, specifications, codes and standards.

QA personnel will document the inspection activities on a daily inspection report, including non-confirming items.
The QA works independent of the Project Management team so as to ensure best work practices

Non conforming items

When work is found not meeting SOW requirements, QC will provide the means to document and provide resolution. Immediate correction Items that are deficient and can be immediately reworked and corrected will be documented. Quality control manager will re-inspect for conformance with SOW requirements and document inspection results. The corrective action taken and the results of the re-inspection will be documented on the daily QC report. Not immediately corrected Items that are deficient to the SOW requirements, which are not immediately corrected will be brought to the attention of quality control manager, documented, and passed through to the appropriate client authority.

When a deficiency has been identified, the QC will provide an appropriate means of resolution, which may include rework, repair, use as is, or scrap. The client will be notified on the means of resolution, once approved, corrective action will be implemented. Upon completion of corrective measures, the QA and quality control manager will inspect and document the action implemented and verify that the work has been satisfactorily performed. 

Every effort will be made to ensure that quality measures are met to the client’s satisfaction. QC/QA will ensure that all work being performed meets this high standard.

Material suppliers with letter of Commitment.

Before using any materials or fixtures, submittals & samples will be submitted to client for approval. No materials will be used on the job site that has net been approved by the client. QA/QC will monitor the submitted material log to ensure that the client’s designated representative has approved the submitted sample for construction