The Co. has a specialized security branch and has provided security to several projects and individuals, including security for Talil Military Base in Nassiryah for the US Air Force/Weston as well as the Shaeba Al Basrah Academy for Weston and ITSI.

Any construction project, regardless of its size, poses inherent risks for all participants.

The Co. being one of the main, well known tribes in Basrah has wide tribal, social and political connections. These connections will be very useful in securing the nearby camp areas especially roads and routes leading to the site, which will mostly be used by laborers, staff and transporting materials and equipment. This ensures that workers can safely get to and from their location without fear.

What Security means to us For each construction project, Dar AL-Sarmad Co. provides the following services:

Our Security Plan

  1. Detailed analysis and inspections of the site location and surrounding areas, including contacting tribes and large families in the area, explaining the benefits of this project and how it being part of reconstructing a new democratic Iraq, which is mainly based on providing security.
  2. Providing well trained, armed security personnel backed with all necessary equipment and vehicles.
  3. All security personnel will be equipped with telecommunication radios.
  4. Securing main site perimeter, entrances and exits, including security check points, guard towers. Including providing temp fencing and security wire were required.
  5. Issuing badges and ID’s for all staff and personnel, this will be used for tracking laborers and staff and insuring no unauthorized personnel on site.
  6. Providing security personnel for each bldg under construction 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.
  7. All individuals and vehicles entering site will be searched, and escorted by security personnel.
  8. Continuous inspections of any routes and roads leading to site for IED’s or any explosives. Then having s special unit resolve and dismantle any if found.