Our Background

Dar Al Sarmad Company is one of the leading companies in construction sector and water and oil.

Dar Al Sarmad company was founded in 2007 as a newborn contractor aiming at entering strongly to the world of construction, trading, installation and obtain high profits. A few years after its establishment, it became a land mark in Basra and one of the most important contributors in the development and prosperity of Basra’ Infrastructures.

More than 13 Years
of Experience


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Services and Capabilities

What we do

Our Business

The company has completed projects with high budgets and great quality. We have contracts with the Iraqi Government departments, Governorate of Basra and many international organizations like UNDP, UNCF and Amar.

Most of our projects are with oil and gas companies like SOC, Shell petroleum, Shell gas, Lukoil, ENI, Exxon Mobil, Kuwait Energy, Petrofac and others

Demining & UXO Clearance

This department of our company is responsible for the de-mining and clearance of UXO material that is common in post war Iraq.

Oil & Gas

For the Oil and Gas, we have supported these in such areas as security, logistical support, base camp construction, life support, etc. for international oil companies working in these fields.

Projects implemented
by Dar Al-Sarmad Co. The huge projects implemented by the company shows clearly how it raised quickly in the world of business.

  1. Provided over 200 pieces of heavy equipment for AL-Khuraf company at the south & north Rumaila oil felds, Zuber
    oil feld including bulldozers tppers, graders, excavators, flatbed & low bed trailers, cranes etc. (KBR)
  2. Full logistcal and Life Support services at the south & north Rumaila oil felds and Zuber oil feld. (KBR)
  3. Full logistcal and Life Support services for Qurna oil feld in cooperaton with Rban Al Safna & Madar Al Fyha.
    (Weatherford oil company)
  4. Provided heavy equipment for all site work associated with Alamco co. (Schlumberger oil)
  5. Provided heavy equipment for all site work required for 77 Turkish (Halliburton)
  6. Executed concrete works the molding works and reinforcement steel strutng works at the south & north Rumela
    oil felds, water plant, Basrah internatonal Airport for KBR, AlKhraf., marine works for the Iraqi Army at the locaton
    of Um Qaser neval for Weston solutons co., AL- Shaba base logistc, base concrete and constructng, installing the
    communicatons towers along the way from Basrah to Nasiriya province, the base concrete to the Tallil Army camp in
    Nasiriya and all the concrete foundaton to the Elect. Staton in AlOmara and all the concrete foundaton to the fuel
    staton in Khor Azzubair.
  7. Provided Oil feld support staff including electricians, mechanics & welders for Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR) for both
    the northern and southern regions of the Rumaila oil felds.
  8. Provided Oil feld support for the Al Zuber oil feld as well as for the primary KBR camp in Basrah airport. (KBR)
  9. Provided blast protecton devices such as T-walls, Jersey, Texas, & Alaska barriers at Um Qasr naval base and Talil
    army base. (US Air Force/Weston)
  10. Performed High Voltage Transmission maintenance on 300KVA towers from Al Kut to Omara province. (Perini Corp.)

Effective Solutions

General Trading

It was founded in 2000 and practiced its business in the domestic and foreign general trade including importation from outside Iraq and exportation some goods to the adjacent countries and all round governorates of Iraq.

Real Estate

Dar Al Sarmad Co. has practiced its Business since 2006 in the field of sale, possession and procurement of residential and commercial real estates, agricultural lands & hotels, and renovating lands that were neglected by transferring it into residential and commercial areas

Sea Transportation

We have our own sea transportation available for shipment of all goods and services from the ports of Dubai to Basrah, Iraq. We have our own cargo vessels as well as RoRo ships that are capable of moving large equipment to and from the area securely. We presently transport goods and vehicles from Dubai to Basrah.

High Standards

Quality, safety, accuracy, punctuality and good faith are our top priorities when considering getting any new job.

We have successfully done and we are able to do all types of jobs and contracts like security, demining, construction, electrical works, mechanical works, logistic and general services. we can do any contract and any work anywhere in Iraq and outside Iraq. 

We have worked in many cities in south, east and west of Iraq, and we worked in all Basra oil fields like Majnoon, west Qurna, Alzubair, Nohran Umar, Alsaba and Rumaila oil fields.

Safety and Security

Any construction project, regardless of its size, poses inherent risks for all participants.

The Co. has a specialized security branch and has provided security to several projects and individuals, including security for Talil Military Base in Nassiryah for the US Air Force/Weston as well as the Shaeba Al Basrah Academy for Weston and ITSI.

Dar Al Sarmad in Basra Just a few years after its establishment it became a land mark in Basra and one of the most important contributors in the development and prosperity of Basra’ Infrastructures. Dar Al Sarmad Keeps looking to serve the people of Basra and improve their lives