Our extensive safety program reflects our belief that people are Dar AlSarmad most valuable asset.

Safety is a determining factor in almost every facet of work, including productivity, reputation, employee relations, and financial results.

Dar AL-Sarmad Co. is committed to the highest standards of safety and security performance possible consistent with sound construction practices.

Our people are committed to performing work in the safest manner possible, consistent with good construction practices. As a result, the safety record is consistently better than the industry average.

Safety in Dar AlSarmad


An organized and effective safety program is developed for each location. We recognize the achievements of those who directly supervise projects with outstanding safety records. We also hold weekly meetings to discuss general safety issues, because safety is everyone’s responsibility. Providing a safe work environment is a priority and adherence to safety policies is a condition of employment.


A Clinic will be installed as part of temporary man camp and part of the main management office. The clinic will consist of specialized medical staff, with all necessary medical equipment. A vehicle will be on continuous stand by to transfer sever conditions to the nearest hospital. The clinics objective is providing first aid type medical services and taking care of minor emergencies and accidents that occur on the job site.


Safety equipment such as helmets, boots, harnesses, glasses, warning tape, ear plugs will be provided on site for the total duration of the project. This equipment will be kept on site in a special storage. Workers will receive the necessary safety equipment based on the work requirements at start of work, then return the equipment when they leave the site.

Our Safety Guidelines

Below some guidelines all workers, engineers and staff will subjected to use:

  1. All workers shall wear proper protective durable shoes, no sandals or sport shoes allowed.
  2. Hard hats shall be worn by all workers, engineers and staff entering job site during the whole duration of the project. 
  3. Proper protective suits and gloves will be worn by any workers exposed to toxic chemical vapors or gases. 
  4. Eye protection such glasses or visors shall be worn by any workers performing welding and cutting with torches, concrete chipping, hammering, minning or any other work that could cause eye injuries. 
  5. Hearing protection and protective ear plugs shall be worn by any workers exposed to potential damaging noises (exceeding 85DB in an 8 hour shift) including jack hammers, power saws, grinders, combustion engines without silencers.
  6. Safety harnesses shall be worn by any laborers working on elevated scaffolds, ladders or any elevated areas exceeding 2 meters. All scaffolds, ladders will be inspected by company QC and safety engineers or supervisors prior to beginning of work.
  7. Weekly lectures will be held by site construction managers to explain the necessity and benefits of safety and the proper use of safety equipment. 
  8. Warning tape and warning signs shall be used around any excavated areas, high voltage power boards, chemical or toxic materials. 
  9. Heavy equipment such cranes, graders, front loaders, trucks will be equipped with backup alarms and proper spot lights. Periodical maintenance and inspection will be performed by qualified personnel to insure the durability and safety of any equipment used on the job site. 
  10. Stop work authority will be given to com. QC and safety personnel for any worker, foreman, heavy equipment driver not complying with safety guidelines and rules.